Podcast: Michael interviews Representative Mick Mulvaney

Representative Mick Mulvaney - 1

Michael Ostrolenk sits down with one of his fiscal heroes, “recovering lawyer” Representative Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. The pair discuss Rep. Mulvaney’s standing desk as well as health and wellness practices. They also talk about the exercise habits of Members of Congress, home décor, gardening, yoga, and swimming.

SEALFIT’s 5 Mountain Challenge Interview Series with Ralph Provance

Ralph Provance - 1

Ralph talks about his amazing transformation from barely able to walk up 15 stairs to being able to do a triple Murph. He’s been using SEALFIT, following a Paleo Diet and being inspired by Commander Mark Divine, Robb Wolf, Team FrogLogic and others. His own transformation has inspired others and he using his new found fitness and health to raise money for special operations charities. – See more here 

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