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3 years 48 weeks ago
  Although they look like glamorous twins separated at birth, the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron and his new Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg couldn't be farther apart politically. After verbally bashing each other for weeks, the...
3 years 48 weeks ago
I spoke at the National Press Club in DC  on the 10th of May (2010) as part of one of two panel discussions on healthcare reform. (see below).   My focus was on what I call corporate state medicine (the collusion between the...
3 years 49 weeks ago
On May 4th, (2010) I signed up for two very exciting programs from SEAL FIT run by former Navy Seal  Mark Divine.  I have been being coached by one of his instructors  Dan Cerillo, also a former Navy Seal as part of their SEAL Fit...
3 years 50 weeks ago
I participated as an American Jew in a panel discussion ( number two of three) as part of a program put on by The Institute for Global Engagement and Nyack College's Institute for Public Service & Poli