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"Loss of Freedom & Privacy in the Age of Corporate-State Medicine"

I spoke at the National Press Club in DC  on the 10th of May (2010) as part of one of two panel discussions on healthcare reform. (see below).   My focus was on what I call corporate state medicine (the collusion between the government and big business). I began my talk by stating that the recent healthcare debate was not about health per se but about the reallocation of resources to pay for an industrial based conventional medical system. 

Fiscal Cliff Requires Bipartisan Action -- Now By Michael Ostrolenk

For nearly a year, Congress has driven America full speed toward a fiscal cliff. Now, just a few weeks before going over the edge, what we need is bipartisan compromise and less posturing.

Advocates Laud President Obama’s Signing of Federal Whistleblower Reforms

It was good to see the bill signed into law but unfortunately it did not contain Title 2 which was the issue area that concerned me the most i.e. protections for national security employees who blow the whistle on waste, fraud and abuse.  So, still a lot of work to do but its nice to have a victory none-the-less

Budget Hawk Grover Norquist on Waste at the Pentagon, an Audit of DOD and 10 years of War

As part of my series for the American Conservative Magazine on national security and Pentagon issues, I interviewed Grover Norquist from Americans for Tax Reform  to get his conservative take on Pentagon spending and the last 10 years of war.   

SEALFIT: Unbeatable Mind 2012/2013

In November (2012) at SEALFIT, we reach our first year of the Unbeatable Mind Academy. We are finishing up with the Foundation Course and now plotting and planning for the launch of the Mastery program. It's been an incredible year. Honored to be part of the program and a senior coach. Can't beat hearing from our students on a weekly basis how their lives have been and continue to be transformed by the program.

Conservatives and Libertarians talk about the need for transparency and accountability at the Federal Government

Palmer Schoening on the need for CBO and JTC Transparency

Jim Harper talks about Data Transparency at the Federal Government

Lt Col Tony Shaffer talks about the urgent need to protect national security whistleblowers

Conservative Support for Rational Cuts to the Pentagon Budget


Andrew Moylan on Wasteful Spending at the Pentagon and the Free Market

U.S. Navy SEAL Rob DuBois discusses Applied Smart Power ( DC book talk)

Robert DuBois is a security and policy advisor who was labeled a “smart power authority” while assisting U.S., British and Iraqi forces in Baghdad. A multilingual Navy SEAL with professional experience in more than thirty countries, he is the author of the game-changing book, “Powerful Peace; A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War.”

How to Freeze the Pentagon: An Interview with Rep. Mulvaney

In July, freshman congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), along with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), introduced an amendment to the House’s 2013 defense appropriations bill freezing defense spending at 2012 levels. Though it merely eliminates a proposed $1.1 billion increase in defense spending, the Mulvaney-Frank amendment was an acknowledgment that the endless military-spending hikes since 9/11 cannot continue.

The Non-Leader Leader and the Aristocracy of the Elite

Ostrolenk talks to Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on the  state of political leadership in the United States today and the need for an aristocracy of merit