Ostrolenk continues with part II of being interviewed by Kiki Weingarten (@coachkiki), covering topics including government overreach, the 4th amendment, transpartisan coalitions, and his larger strategic plan for the Liberty Coalition. Ostrolenk begins by explaining his libertarian sensibilities, which differ from being a libertarian in title. His views on the 4th amendment are shaped by the fact that the founding fathers created our country with libertarian principles; Although they were not aware of the technological changes we would someday see, any reinterpretation of the 4th amendment to today’s realities must still be done with the same intention to protect privacy and liberty. Lastly, his libertarian sensibilities shape his overall mindset; Ostrolenk distinguishes between a liberty mindset and a security mindset, and why he identifies with the former.

Different mindsets can, however, still collaborate for progress. Ostrolenk discusses his training as a transpersonal therapist and how it has helped him with his work on transpartisan coalitions by humanizing the political process, ultimately creating the space for political dialogue. Lastly, Ostrolenk touches on several issues including education and health, and how an open political dialogue can help solve many of the issues we face.

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