Ostrolenk interviewed on the Unbeatable Mind Academy, Part 1 of 2

Ostrolenk is interviewed by Dr Aaron Furey of Bio PA on his role in the Unbeatable Mind Academy and how he came to join the program. Ostrolenk shares his personal decision to go through the SEALFIT program and how it led to him assisting on the curriculum development for Unbeatable Mind, a program based on SEALFIT, but available to a wider audience. Furey and Ostrolenk discuss how clients of the program work to transform their lives and how this often creates a ripple effect, impacting the communities around them.

Ostrolenk interviewed on the Unbeatable Mind Academy, Part 2 of 2

In part 2 of their discussion, Ostrolenk discusses his work and educational history and how it led him to working with the Unbeatable Mind Academy. Ostrolenk originally pursued an MBA, but was never passionate about the curriculum and after a personal tragedy reminded him that life is short, he began searching for subject matter that he truly desired to study. His search led him to the JFK University in California for his graduate studies and to the California Institute for Integral Studies for post-graduate work. Ostrolenk further discusses his education, influential professors, and how these experience shaped his professional direction.

On Transpartisanship, Navy SEALS and Having an Unbeatable Mind with Michael Ostrolenk

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.13.38 PMOstrolenk is interviewed by author Rachel C. Weingarten, who, in honor of leap year, is interviewing people she most admires from a variety of disciplines in her Leap of Faith Challenge. Ostrolenk shares his insights on being transpartisan, understanding the views of others, being an Unbeatable Mind coach, and the mind/body connection. View Michael’s interview here.

Confidently Beautiful by Rachel Weingarten


Cool to be quoted in Rachel’s article on ‘confidence’

….”Michael Ostrolenk, master coach, program director at SEALFIT’S Unbeatable Mind Academy, believes that using the power of one’s mind can improve both attitude and outlook. Ostrolenk says, “Confidence with oneself begins with self- knowledge. We need to know our strengths, weakness, limitations and boundaries.” So true. If you know your best qualities, you can play them up instead of trying to cram yourself into the idealized version of what society thinks you should look like. And confidence is cumulative – the better you feel, the better care you’ll take of yourself. And so it goes.”

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Developing a Community of Practice

Most of us have been there. We attend a great weekend workshop, read a “transformational” book or have an enlightening session with our therapist or coach.

Things seems different; perhaps we have a new perspective, new set of behaviors to try out or more capacity in a particular line of development (such as increased emotional intelligence).

The world has seemingly changed for us – that is until Monday morning.The “reality” of our lives smacks us right into the changed state of consciousness and unfortunately “reality” wins.

By Monday afternoon, we revert back to our old habits and ways of being and thinking.