Bestowing meaningful admiration with Dr. Stuart Sovatsky

Ostrolenk speaks with Dr. Stuart Sovatsky, a marriage-family therapist for 44 years and author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy, Words From the Soul, and Your Perfect Lips. Their conversation arises from Dr. Sovatsky’s commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of the psychiatric-medicalization of life’s challenges which risks missing the full picture of their aliments and potential. Dr. Sovatsky discusses the maturation of character that comes by meaningful engagement with the stress and struggles in life, but not to over-focus on these events in the healing process. Rather, progress can be made through highlighting the client’s continued efforts, week by week, and focusing on positive events, compassion, and the bestowing meaningful admiration, not merely “mirroring” the client’s experience.

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Today’s show is sponsored by Synergy Float Center.

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