Elemental Biohacking with Charlie Deist, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Charlie Deist, a writer and radio producer, regular guest host of The Bob Zadek Show, and master level MovNat trainer. Deist discusses the importance of primal intelligence in fitness, including the value in engaging with stresses from our natural environment and exposing ourselves to the elements.

His newest publication is a guide to “Elemental Biohacking” offering a natural method of Vitality, Resilience, and Connecting to Your Deep Nature using earth, fire, air and water. The PDF is free to new subscribers to his weekly newsletter on holistic, functional fitness. To learn more about Charlie and his work, visit his website, find him on MovNat, follow him on Twitter, or email him at chdeist@gmail.com.

Today’s show is brought to you by Resilience Parenting.

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