Reforming the OCO Account with Andrew Lautz, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Andrew Lautz who is a Policy and Government Affairs Manager with National Taxpayers Union. They discuss NTU’s new paper entitled “Reforming the OCO Account: A Better Deal for Taxpayers, Watchdogs, and the Military.”
The paper includes Ten OCO Reform Options;

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Low-Hanging Fruit: OCO Reforms for the FY 2021 NDAA

1. Re-establish the Wartime Contracting Commission:

2. Ensure that OMB and DoD finish work on revised criteria for DoD’s OCO budget

3. Require DoD to give Congress and OMB a plan for transitioning all existing enduring costs funded through OCO to the base budget:

4. Require DoD budgets to break out enduring costs funded through OCO:

5. Require five-year projections of all OCO costs:

6. Prohibit OCO/GWOT spending on base activities in the State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill:

Turning the Corner on OCO: Long-Term Reforms

7. Enforce the existing definition of “contingency operation”:

8. Institute more aggressive caps on OCO funding, with a declining cap year to year until OCO is nominal or zero:

9. Require DoD to establish an OCO reserve, funded through Congressional appropriations year to year, for use on actual contingency operations:

10. Remove the OCO/GWOT designation, forcing Congress to instead fund operations through supplemental appropriations and/or “emergency” designations:

Skip to: 22:08 All that matters is… that we catch that boat tomorrow.

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