Integrative Coaching

Ostrolenk Coaching we work to transform you into your best life now through integrated life style, habitat and healing tribe design. The system is based on energy management, generative thinking and embodied spirituality

You’ll cultivate:
1. Emotional intelligence (Self and Other Awareness, Self Management, Deepened Compassion and Care)
2. Ecological sensibilities
3. Integrated and Systemic thinking
4. Increased intimacy (With Self and Others)
5. Curiosity Mindset
6. Growth Tribes
7. Strong and Healthy Body

By learning:
1. Mindfulness
2. Energy management (based on diet, sleep, movement, fitness and natural rhythms)
3. Transpersonal and somatic disciplines
4. Natural living practices
5. Habitat Modifications
6. Ancestral Clearing Shadow Work

As you can see, we have an integrated approach that recognizes body; mind and spirit are instrumental for transformational development as well as environment.
and community.

Two, 40-minute sessions a month plus an optional monthly Tribe based webinar as well as homework in between sessions. As we operate from a systems perspective, we will also be working with our client’s immediate network i.e. family, friends, and partners as needed and appropriate. $750.00 monthly fee with a three-month commitment. All clients are encouraged to work with a functional medical doctor as well as with other integrated healthcare practitioners.

Michael Ostrolenk is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Transpersonal and Somatic Specialization. He certified in Spiral Dynamics and MovNat.

His coursework has included: Body-Mind Practices – East and West; Healing and Heuristic Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness; Sensory Awareness; Family Systems: Somatic Movement Approaches I; Family Systems: Somatic Movement Approaches II; The Body: Experiences and Conceptualized Towards a Practical Phenomenology; Altered States of Consciousness; Intelligence and Insight- Ways of Knowing; Body Oriented Psychotherapy- Panic & Depression; Body Oriented Psychotherapy- Inner Critic.

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