Ostrolenk speaks with Joe Gagnon, an entrepreneur, bio-hacker, CEO of Performance Tea, CEO of Sparkcentral, and author of Living the High Performance Life, An Ordinary Joe’s Guide to the Extraordinary. Gagnon describes the importance that curiosity has played in his life, and how he ultimately decided to travel down the path his life is now on. Highlighting the pillars of his book – life, learning, and fitness – Gagnon discusses the importance of volunteering and how fitness and health are integral in helping others and in his own life. To learn more about Gagnon and his work, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and visit his website. You can also find his book on Amazon and find Performance Tea at www.performancetea.com.

Today’s show was sponsored by Synergy Float Center. To learn more about their work, visit their website.

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