The Emergent Human


The Emergent Human Coaching

Design Your Life

Optimize Body/Mind

Integrate Ancestral Wisdom

Transcend Limiting Self Concepts

Design a life based on YOUR values, purpose and aspirations not self-limiting beliefs and cultural programming

Develop a resilient body to higher levels of performance; Evolve mind toward higher levels of creativity, intuition, emotional intelligence and self-awareness

Integrate ancestral wisdom, practices and traditions, cultivate transpersonal and ecological insights and awaken somatic awareness and intelligence

Transcend self-limiting cognitive, emotional, somatic, familial, cultural, prenatal, trans-generational imprinting.


Coaching Program:

Two, 40-minute sessions a month as well as training assignments in between sessions.

As we operate from a systems perspective, we will also be working with our client’s immediate network
i.e. family, friends, and partners as needed and appropriate.

$750.00 monthly fee with a three-month commitment.

All clients are encouraged to work with a functional medical doctor as well as with other integrated
healthcare practitioners.